How to Recover Data Corruption Issues in Microsoft Outlook

Recovery Toolbox for Outlook  is useful for everyone; beginners and experts can use it.

Note: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Recovery Toolbox.

The software efficiently analyzes data and recovers all items: messages, contacts, calendars, and other details, stored in corrupted folders of Microsoft Outlook. Like this email client, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook can work with any version of Microsoft Windows with no limitations for file size and reason of data corruption. At the same time, flaws are absent from the registered version of the software. The demo version of this email recovery tool has certain restrictions. Let us take a closer look at how it works and how to install the demo version of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook. The installation of software should not be an issue, merely download the setup file of application and click it to install. In the very end, users may click the shortcut of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook to start working and proceed to the recovery of the corrupted mailbox.

This window appears after the opening of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook. Users are asked to select a file of OST or PST format to recover, nothing extra. The button named “How it works?” opens a website of a software developer with detailed guidelines, in case you’d like to know more about the process of email restoration. Moreover, it is not necessary, because of the application guides users through the recovery process, step by step, all actions are clearly intuitive.

In the first step, users are asked to choose a mailbox for Microsoft Outlook to format. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook supports two formats: OST and PST. Click the open file button and select a file from a specified format to be analyzed, it should be easy, because Microsoft Outlook always keeps user mailboxes in a single location. However, the path can be changed. If you do not know a new path, try to search for Outlook files using the following button:

Another pop-up window appears, where users may narrow the search by choosing a single disk for lookup or even a separate disk folder.

In the very end, make sure a correct file is selected and you can start the analysis with Recovery Toolbox for Outlook.

At this stage, it is required clicking the Next button so the application moves to the selection of operation mode, should be either recovery or conversion mode.

The recovery mode allows repairing of corrupted OST or PST files and exporting data into clean and undamaged ones so they can be opened in Microsoft Outlook. There is no need to investigate the cause of data corruption issue. This tool will choose the correct data recovery engine and apply it. On the contrary, the converter mode allows picking up a clean file of OST format and converting it into a file of PST format.

After this, the software moves to the stage of analysis, where the file in question is opened. During the analyzing of the selected mailbox, the tool attempts to recover data when it is possible. Recovery Toolbox for Outlook features intelligent algorithms of email restoration. In the same time, the analysis does not considerably load the system so that users may do other tasks during the execution of file repair.

Look at the recovered data as soon as the analysis is completed, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook recreates the structure of corrupted mailbox in 2 panes: the left pane shows the list of folders, detected inside the previously selected mailbox, the right panelists all items, stored in the folder. At this stage, users may browse through the list of folders and items and check, which ones are successfully recovered. However, note that the free version of Recovery Toolbox for Outlook has some restrictions; it is required buying a full version of software to get rid of limitations.

The following stage implies a selection of recovery output. The application suggests saving data separately or rebuilding a new PST file. Nonetheless, it is the last stage of email recovery. As soon as it is completed, Recovery Toolbox for Outlook closes, and the recovered data can be reused.

In some companies, the IT department prohibits the installation of software on client computers. The developer of email recovery software offers another approach: online data recovery services. There are two online services related to Recovery Toolbox for Outlook. . This service is cheaper than the offline version of the software. Due to the absence of local tool installation, users are allowed to make a recovery from any computer, laptop or tablet, it does not matter, which operating system is used in the input device.

To do the recovery, using this option, you need to select a file to upload, capture a valid email address, provide a CAPTCHA code and click the Next step key. The service will attempt to recover that file and suggest to download a recovered mailbox as soon as the analysis is completed. Users may upload corrupted files, created in any version of Microsoft Outlook. . Like a previous service, this one implies the upload of the mailbox without a need of installing 3rd party software on a local computer.

Upload a file of OST format that is not accessible offline and converts it into a clean file with PST extension that can be reused in Microsoft Outlook without any limitations for the Internet connection.